Hi everyone! Michelle here, with a daring yet dainty approach to wardrobe organization. We’re all comfortable with setting out fashion photography coffee table books or hanging our favorite blown up editorial images on the walls. But lately I’ve been noticing that the marriage of fashion and interior design can be bolstered even more. Shouldn’t the ruffled, floral and sequined art work that we all keep stashed away be showcased more often? I’m slowly warming up to the idea, and something tells me that your fantastic frocks and sultry stilettos will not only thank you for freeing them from the inner depths of your closet (bye bye mothballs!), but will revel as a delightful addition to your bedroom decor. Plus, what a visually stunning way to organize your wardrobe! Follow the jump to view more fabulous photos, and please share: would you dare unite sartorial style with interior decor?

*images: {1} Jake Rosenberg for The Coveteur, {2} Martha Stewart via Rachel Bishop Designs, {3} Swedish apartment by Bolaget via desire to inspire, {4} Jake Rosenberg via The Coveteur

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