Editors’ Essentials :: Ana

By Chanel Dror
Ana Perkins' Essentials | Camille Styles

Next up in our Editors’ Essentials series is the multi-talented and über-stylish Ana Perkins. As a freelance graphic designer and stylist, the blogger behind Grown-up Shoes and the author of our Pulling it Off column, we’re always keeping an eye out for Ana’s next big move. Today we’re going behind the scenes to uncover the little details that bring Ana’s modern-romantic-with-a-touch-of-scandinavian style to life…

Swedish Hasbeens Peep Toe Super High. Being of Scandinavian descent, I come by my love of wooden shoes genetically. But you don’t need to be a Swede to love these adorable and somehow so comfy clogs. From the Farmer’s Market to date night, these are my go-to pair. image source.

Aveda Tourmaline Charged Radiance Masque. The perfect treat for fall and winter when my skin needs a little TLC. This plus a glass of wine and Say Yes to the Dress is a perfect Friday night in my book.

Daily Greens. I’ve recently gotten hooked on these Austin-made raw cold-pressed juices that pack a powerhouse of nutrients in one adorable bottle. Perfect for a cleanse but also a great on-the-go breakfast when you’re looking for a nutrient boost. My favorites are Harmony and Renew. image source.

Rifle Paper Cards. The perfect way to say Thanks! Bon Voyage! or Congrats! with style and grace. I love stocking up on Rifle Paper cards so I always have a darling option to send a faraway friend on her birthday or a special note to pass on to a loved one going through a rough time.

My Morning Cup of Tea. I’m too sensitive to caffeine to drink a morning coffee, but I love the ritual of making a cup of tea when I wake up each day. It gives me the perfect amount of time to look at the day’s schedule for a peaceful moment before diving into work. On extra special mornings, I drink from one of my Nana’s porcelain tea cups. image source (original unknown).

Madewell Dresses. My go-to for events, dinner with the parents and client meetings. Darling but polished and just the right amount of fun. image source.

Le Crueset Cookware. I love to cook and this is the best of the best. Although the large French ovens are Le Crueset’s claim to fame, I love my smaller one for whipping up everything from creamy bechamel sauce to a simple pot of quinoa. image source.

Maldon Sea Salt. At a happy hour recently, my stylish friend Kate served fresh goat cheese, crackers, local tomatoes and big pinches of Maldon on a wooden board—it was so simple and lovely I went out and bought all the ingredients the next day. This salt has since become a pantry staple and the packaging is so cute that I leave it on the counter. image source.

Graphic Image PlannerThe best paper planner for scheduling all your meetings, appointments and social events. Lots of room to write and a variety of stylish shades.

2005 Pride & Prejudice. My go-to romantic movie (you have one too, right?). I love the rolling English countryside and Keira’s plucky portrayal of Elizabeth—and this version of Mr. Darcy has to be my all time favorite. image source.

Florence, Italy. My sophomore year of college I studied abroad in Italy and it’s still my daydream escape when I’m in the midst of deadlines, computer meltdowns or any other not-so-fun adult things. It was the first time I had been to Europe and everything was magical; the cobblestone streets, gelato for lunch, rolling hills as far as the eye could see. Take me back! image source (original source unknown).