Editors’ Essentials :: Carrie

By Chanel Dror

If you’ve caught our monthly Little Things column, odds are you already know that Carrie Ryan is both a thoughtful and creative mother, and a killer photographer. The lady-behind-the-lens at Sweet Louise Photography has been a part of our team since last June, and I swear, every time I see her I love her more and more. Today Carrie’s taking center stage as she shares her must-have items as the next subject in our Editors’ Essentials series… take it away, m’lady!

Pears. Good on salads, great in sauces, perfect sliced and coupled with a slice of cheddar or roasted with a little honey, or just plain straight up. Pears are delish. image source (original unknown).

Quilts. My grandmother was An avid quilter and passed that love along to each of her 5 daughters (my mother being one) and although I am not a quilter I absolutely love the stories they tell and the comfort they provide. image source.

The canon 35mm 1.4. This is my favorite lens — it’s wide and tack sharp. It allows me to shoot large groups at a wedding or a tight close up of food on a table. Love it. image source.

The City Select. This inline stroller allows you to be-bop around town without feeling like you need to have be in your own stroller lane. You can add a second seat for a new baby and everything about it works seamlessly.  Great for trails or city cruising.

Dutch oven. Because everything is better when it has been slow cooked in a Dutch oven. image source.

IKEA Ribba frames. I put kids artwork, cut up old calendars and even family portraits in Ikea frames. They’re inexpensive, clean-lined and versatile.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick. I don’t wear much make up, so this compact is a must for me. If I have time for nothing else, I put some shimmer on my cheeks and a little clear gloss on my lips.

My husband’s fried chicken. It’s just amazing. He’s an engineer but he probably should have a fried chicken food truck. image source.

Fotostrap. I take photos for a living, so having a strap that’s stylish and functional is a must. And the major bonus to Fotostrap, is that they give back. Best camera strap ever — both for the professional and the novice!

Clarisonic Mia. I was late to the Clarisonic party, but I’m so glad I made it. Nothing has made my skin feel better. image source.

Cowboy boots. They are amazingly comfortable and go with everything but a cocktail dress (and even that might be debatable)image source.