Editors’ Essentials :: Chelsea

By Chanel Dror
chelsea fullerton's essentials | camille styles

You know those people who just radiate coolness? Well, that’s Chelsea Fullerton for ya. As the genius designer behind Go Forth and an all around creative-force-to-be-reckoned-with, we absolutely love having her as part of the team. So, since we’re all dying to know, here are the must-have essentials that Chelsea can’t live without…

Indoor Plants. I collect indoor plants. A fiddle fig, countless air plants, succulents and more. They add life and natural color to any room. image source.

Big Bend National Park. My fiancé and I make it out to Big Bend just about every year. It’s a magical place and believe it or not, the park is larger than the state of Rhode Island! If you go, stay in the Chisos Basin, which has cabins and camping. photo by Chelsea Fullerton.

Madewell Booties. I have three pairs of Madewell booties and I couldn’t live without them. They take me everywhere in the fall and winter months. They usually have a high price tag but they often go on sale! image source.

Cuyana Panama Hat. Another new purchase, my Cuyana Panama Hat. The perfect accessory on a sunny day. Designed in San Francisco, handwoven in Ecuador.

Spartan/JM Dry GoodsMy favorite store in Austin, hands down. I love that these two boutiques are connected to each other. The perfect place to get inspired after lunch on a weekday. image from rue.

Letterpress Printing. I love to use the letterpress printing process on my client’s and my own business cards and invitations. It’s timeless and oh so luxurious. My go-to local printer in Austin is Studio SloMoimage from Martha Stewart.

Classic White ConverseThese sneakers will stand the test of time. I’m sure I’ll own multiple pairs throughout my life. photo by Chelsea Fullerton.

Rework. This is my go-to business book and I highly suggest it for anyone who owns their own business or plans to. They preach to stop planning and start doing, without being a workaholic. Sounds great, huh?

Anthology Magazine. I love coming home to a quarterly issue of Anthology in my mailbox. Every page is so thoughtful, I treasure them like books. image source.

Contigo. This dinner spot has it all. The food is delicious, the outdoor space is gorgeous and it’s close to home.

Clare Vivier Mini Sac. I recently purchased this Mini Sac and carry it everyday. Claire Vivier’s leather bags have been on the top of my list for a long time. So simple! 

Love, Actually. I watch this every December with my friends and usually a couple more times on my own! Who doesn’t love this movie?