Embracing Your Best Self :: Annie of SkinOwl

By Chanel Dror
SkinOwl | Camille Styles

For the final installment of our Embracing Your Best Self series, we’re turning to Annie Tevelin of SkinOwl. As an admitted skincare nut myself (and huge fan of SkinOwl products), I was so thrilled to hear that with the help of photographer Robyn EdenMaja would be peeking into the life of this seriously inspirational entrepreneur to uncover her personal health and beauty secrets. From Annie: “SkinOwl was born to fill a void in the cosmetic industry. Like many of my clients, I spent a lot of time and money on my skin without many positive results. I wasn’t getting anywhere talking to dermatologists, who mostly recommend harsh topical creams at a high cost. I spent years working for a department store cosmetics brand, and it was there that I realized there wasn’t a voice of truth in the beauty industry — everyone was after a sale. I knew I had something more to offer.” Click through to read more, and tune in here to learn more about SkinOwl’s mission…

Maja: What’s your New Year’s resolution?

Annie: Balance. I could work 26 hours in a 24 hour day, and though I love what I do, that’s not living. I want to be successful in my work life and my private life. No matter what, the work stops at 5 PM. That’s when I allow my brain to recharge, whether it’s by popping in a movie or playing guitar. I’ve always been a work hard, play hard kinda girl… but now it’s more like, work hard, play hard, rest hardest.

M: What’s your morning routine?

A: I drink a full glass of water with lemon every morning before going to the gym. As hard as it is to get up and workout sometimes, in the long run it’s harder for me to live without a routine.

M: How do you get through those days when you don’t want to get out of bed?

A: As quickly as I fall asleep, that’s as quickly as I get out of bed when I wake up. I’m not one to fester or procrastinate. I love what I do, so it makes it easy to get moving.

M: What’s always in your fridge?

That’s easy. Red berries. Pickles. Greek Yogurt.

M: What’s the best diet for our skin?

A: As much as chocolate gets a wrap for acne, it’s eating refined carbohydrates that puts people at greater risk for acne and aging. A steady diet of such foods can trigger a “hormonal cascade” that leads to acne. Stay away from any foods that contain the words “enriched, wheat, hydrogenated, and hydrolyzed” and that’s half the battle. Stick with lean meats, rich leafy greens, jewel-toned berries, and sweet potatoes, which are all fabulous for the skin. Nuts and seeds are also great for stimulating radiance and youthful-looking skin.

M: What’s your daily uniform?

A: I’m a glutton for anything comfortable and cozy. You can usually find me in sandals and a sundress. Or a scarf & a big, cozy sweater when LA gets chilly.

M: Why is community so important to your business?

SkinOwl is a lifestyle brand that offers a sense of support to our clients. With our society moving at a faster and more detached manner, as a result of our busy schedules and technology, it makes it harder to feel any sense of community, so  we offer everyday women a “nest” where they can easily take steps to look and feel their best again.

M: What are the skincare/cosmetic products you can’t live without?

A: Recently, I’ve been really into Tammy Fender and John Masters skincare products. I use John Master’s Rose Cleansing Wash every morning, followed by SkinOwl’s Argan Infusion in Geranium and Eye Cream. Twice a week, I use Tammy Fender’s Epi-Peel to exfoliate and brighten my skin. It smells of Spearmint and Rosemary. I’m in love with anything that smells floral or herbal.

M: What’s your life mantra?

A: “Live a life that resembles you.” I don’t remember where I heard this, but it stuck with me. So often we get lost, drive off course and get distracted from who we are and what we are meant to do in life. In the end, our inner world should mimic our outer world: our thoughts have the ability to become our actions & our goals can become our reality. When I take a step back and remember who I am deep down inside, that’s when I move towards the life I was meant to live with greater ease.

M: What’s the last thing that has terrified you?

A: Turning 30. That was really hard for me. I remember thinking, “If I can turn 30, then I can turn 90.” All of a sudden life seemed really fleeting. In hindsight, this was a great motivator to spend my time doing the things I wanted to do alongside the people that bring out the best in me.

M: How do you balance your love life and building your company?

A: It took a lot of trial and error, but I now shut down my computer before my boyfriend comes home so I can recharge and spend my evenings focused on us. Balance is the key to my happiness and my relationship. There’s really no alternative.

M: What are the secrets to great skin that we should all follow:

A: Wear sunscreen every day, even if you’re indoors. Start and end your day with a tall glass of room temperature water — it flushes out toxins that congest and age the skin. Take fish oil daily and be amazed by what it does for your skin. Stick with people who make you laugh… happy people glow from the inside out.