We’ve been celebrating the outdoors on the blog this month, and this has got to be hands down my favorite outdoor space…ever. Five years ago, armed with this outdoor space as inspiration, I ventured out onto a friend’s country property hunting for the perfect logs to fashion as side tables. Each log weighed about a ton and had the creepiest of crawlies living under (and inside) them, but the resulting side tables have been one of my favorite DIYs to date. If you for some reason prefer your side tables to be uninhabited by giant millipedes though, West Elm sells a great version too. Read on for the rest of my picks to bring this look home.

White Evil Eye Peshtemal — It may take some time to get used to drying yourself with a Turkish Peshtemal, but this one has terry cloth on one side so it makes for a great starter towel.

Carrara Marble Soap Dish — I loved the French proverb about marble Camille shared this week, and I have to admit I have fully fallen for design trend. This soap dish is a beautiful way to incorporate the trend for under $40.

It’s Beautiful Here Coat Rack — I’ve long been eyeing this piece by South African artist Heath Nash for an entryway. One day I hope to make it mine, but until then Oh Happy Day has a fantastic tutorial for how to make your own.

Tree Trunk Table —As I said before, West Elm has been selling its tree trunk side table for years, and you can find other versions with more knots and imperfections on Etsy as well. Or, you can always take my route and drag some stumps home with you to refinish yourself!

White Stool — I like to place two tables of varying heights next to each other to give the space an extra layer. Target has some surprisingly stylish side tables on offer right now, definitely check them out!

Surfboard — Beyonce has taken my desire to have a surfboard in my home (even if I don’t surf, or live anywhere near a beach) to a new level. I consider it an art piece and would love to prop one up in my bathroom.

Constellation Matches — It’s all in the details! I love well designed packaging, and teeny tiny well designed packaging is even better.

Capri Blue Jar Candle — These jar candles are the most irresistible part of walking into Anthropologie, and this Hibiscus Teakwood scent is the perfect vibe for a tropical outdoor shower sesh.

Bronze Sequin Basket — Storing rolled towels in a sequined basket will give your space an extra luxe touch.

Inspiration Photo by Warren Heath/Frank Features

  1. 1
    diane smith | April 28, 2014 at 11:50 am

    Perfect blue for this outdoor shower…how inviting!

  2. 2
    Candice | April 29, 2014 at 8:21 am

    crazy for that towel and love that your featured an outdoor shower space!

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