New seasons bring so many changes, and in recent weeks I (Claire) have had quite the exciting change in my life: Chanel is my new roommate! She moved in at the beginning of August and as you can imagine, both our DIY minds under one roof have resulted in endless project possibilities. First up? Filling the blank wall above Chanel’s bed. I find that bedroom art is a huge design challenge because it needs to be personal and often sets the tone for the whole bedroom, especially when you are filling a large space. This led me to begin a search for fabulous ways to dress up a bedroom — just browsing through the possibilities has me eager to get started, but I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions first. What artwork do you have in your bedrooms? Do you prefer soothing or bright? Typical prints (like the ones pictured above) or some sort of tapestry? Pitch in your thoughts and ideas in the comments section, and stay tuned for the reveal with instructions in two weeks!

I love the softness this patterned fabric gives as it fills the wall and drapes neatly behind the headboard.

This dramatic painted wall is bold and eye catching while still staying in a softer palette.

I ADORE the gold stripes painted on this fabric (gold + stripes, my two favorite things!) and love how it doesn’t dominate the room.

*images: 1. Castle and Things in their Image Gallery 2. Decorology (anyone know where to find the original link?) 3. Loft renovation by Builder photography by Clayton Hauck for 4. Nightwood Brownstone 2010 via Nightwood Interiors

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