Claire here, and I’m so excited to bring you the results of my latest DIY. If you remember, two weeks ago I collected a few images of fabulous light fixtures to start my creative juices flowing. After much consideration, I felt inspired to create something that was 100% Claire — and if you know anything about me, you know that means something gold and unexpected. Hopefully you all love this brass pipe pendant as much as I do… follow the jump for the easy instructions! 

  • 1/2″ diameter x 36″ brass tubes (4)
  • 90° copper elbows, size 3/8″ diameter (8)
  • 3/8″ diameter copper T’s (8)
  • Gorilla Glue
  • cord set (I purchased a pre-made one from Ikea, or if you are more adventurous you can buy a kit at Home Depot and make it yourself)
  • light bulb
  • cross bar for ceiling mount fixture
  • wire nut connectors (2)
  • pliers
  • screw driver
  • drill with titanium bit
  • permanent marker
  • canopy
  1. Cut brass tubes into thirds, giving you three 12-inch pieces from each tube (for a total of 12)
  2. Set 4 12-inch pieces aside, and cut the remaining 8 in half (to 6-inch lengths). I had a store cut them for me with a metal saw.
  3. Create two groups with: 8 6-inch brass tubes, 4 copper T’s, 4 copper elbows.
  4. Create one group with: 4 12-inch brass tubes.
  5. Before you begin to connect the pieces, determine how you want your fixture to hang and drill a hole straight downward at the center of your top-most pipe (I made a mark with a Sharpie at a 45° angle on the ‘T’)
  6. On a flat surface, take one of the first two groups and connect the 6-inch pieces in pairs with a ‘T’.
  7. Use the 4 elbows to connect the open ends to create a square. Note:make sure the ‘T’s’ are positioned so that the unused hole is facing up.
  8. Put a small amount of Gorilla Glue in each copper connect to ensure that the brass tubing is snug and secure.
  9. Repeat steps 4-7 with the second group of 6-inch tubes, 4 copper elbows, and 4 copper T’s.
  10. Once the two squares are dry, take one of them and place the four 12-inch brass tubes into each of the open holes of the T so that they are sticking straight up. Add glue to secure.
  11. Place the second square you crafted on the other end of the 12-inch brass tubes using the T as connection points.
  12. Glue to secure your cube pendant.
  13. Take the cord set and clip off the plug with pliers and slide the cord up through the hole you’ve drilled. Secure the cord in place with a drop of Gorilla Glue at the hole.
  14. Determine the height at which you want your pendant to hang and snip the cord accordingly.
  15. To create a functioning light, wire directly into your existing j-box using the cross bar and cover the j-box using a canopy. For more information on DIYing the electrical process, refer to this video or this helpful blog post.
  16. Hang, turn on, and enjoy your neatly crafted and gloriously brassy new DIY pendant!

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