Even before I became a mom last year, I’ve always been drawn to kids’ crafts, games & clothing that capture the whimsy and magic of childhood – those items that take you back to what it really felt like to be a kid. I stumbled upon UK-based Cox & Cox a few weeks ago and couldn’t believe I was so late to the game – their product selection and styling is pitch perfect and strikes the perfect balance between childlike fun and contemporary design…all with a bohemian-global flair that is so my style. Keep reading for a few of the items on my wishlist…

(above) indian teepee.

create your own crayon puzzles.

giant wall map.

picture frame bright bus bookends.

retro silver ride on car.

ultimate wooden alphabet blocks.

tree coat hanger.

Hope y’all are all having a great Sunday morning. And if you’re looking for a little last-minute inspiration for tonight’s Super Bowl parties, don’t forget to hop on over to the game-watching chili potluck we threw with Cooking Channel!

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