I can not believe September is already winding down, and with it, our fabulous Greet & Eat series. I’m thinking the transition back to normal life is going to be a tough one, since for the past four weeks I’ve been spoiled rotten with beautiful, printable and most importantly, free stationery from Katie Evans. If you haven’t already, check out the thank you card, congratulations card and birthday card that Katie designed, and for the bittersweet ending to our series, an always-appropriate card for just saying hello!

From Katie: Here we are at the end of September, and the crispness of October and all it’s spooky Halloween delights are right around the corner! My last favorite fall dessert is a Sweet-Potato Bourbon Bundt cake! I can’t get enough of sweet potatoes, and I love finding new ways to prepare them. This tasty bundt cake is no exception. Adding a dash of bourbon to make it extra cozy, this sweet treat will absolutely make my fall a little richer.

click to download card

print at 100% onto a heavy card stock, cut along the marks and fold.

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Chanel Dror