There’s a little debate going on at our house about whether or not this is my “first” Mother’s Day. Adam thinks I have to wait until next year when baby girl has actually been born – I get it, but to be honest, I’m already so bonded (and obsessed) with this baby that I totally feel like a mom already. Either way, it’s such a special day to celebrate our mothers and all the women who have played a nurturing role in our lives. This year, I’m feeling especially lucky that both my mom and my mother-in-law have recently moved to Austin – it’s so fun getting to see both of them more often, and I know it’s going to be amazing to have the built-in support once the baby arrives! The other day, I found this photo of my mom when she was pregnant with me – it’s so strange to think that 27 years later, I’m going through the same journey. As I kept going through the old photo album and flipped through my infancy, toddler years, preschool and beyond, it struck me how quickly it all goes by. It reminded me how much I want to savor every moment with my child, no matter how tired or overwhelmed I might feel sometimes. Do you guys have any advice for remembering to stay in the present and celebrate the ones you love every day?

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