How to Create a Home Office Space

By Emma Banks
Shay Spaniola of Bunglo | Photography by Stefano Choi for Camille Styles

Shay Spaniola was only 16 when she caught the travel bug, and since then, her love of globe-trotting has only intensified. It was in that spirit of adventure and wanderlust that she started her own Austin-based design studio: bunglo,where Shay creates hand-painted fabrics and art. Needless to say, Shay’s travels are a major influence in her designs and creative process, but they also greatly influence her workspace. And since the second floor of her house serves as her studio space, Shay knows firsthand about the importance of establishing a division between home and work. The result: an office space that’s the perfect combination of practical  personal, organized and inspired. Click through to see it all for yourself, and read through Shay’s 5 essential tips for curating your own personalized space.

Photography by Stefano Choi

Shay’s home office is the perfect first-hand demonstration of her company’s mission: to create meditative and peaceful environments with quality-made, eco-friendly products.


1. Inspire. White walls. A blank slate is necessary for inspiration. I like to add new artwork and visualization boards every month and treat my space like a large Pinterest board! It keeps me focused on my current goals. When I take everything down, it feels so refreshing to start anew and gives me the freedom to regroup and grow.

2. Focus. Create an office away from your relaxing space. I decided to turn the upstairs of my house into my studio, giving me a division between ‘home’ and ‘work’. If you’re limited to a downstairs room or studio space, try to create a special space that feels separate from the rest of your home. I did this by focusing on using white, from the walls to furniture, giving the room a coherent, finished and professional style, much different from the rest of my home which is more bohemian and eclectic. 

3. Nature. I think it’s important to keep fresh flowers on my desk, a candle for my intentions, decorating with plants and keep a fresh breeze in the space. I have a series of landscape photographs I’ve taken on my travels, ranging from colorful South African views, to relaxing beach shots, to rain forest mountains and rose fields. They all create a peaceful space, almost like a virtual window.

Through the Tappan Collective, an art collective started by two of my good friends, I just launched new photographs that are ready to give spaces peace!

4. Finishing Touches. Find the perfect office chair. Boring ‘office chairs’ can ruin the energy of a space. I love my one of a kind upcycled Knoll Tulip chair — it’s comfy, unique and made just for me! I have a few left in my shop, and I truly believe it’s the best accent and personality you can add to your workspace.

5. Personalize. I used to be a merchandiser for Anthropologie, so I’m always organizing and reorganizing. I keep all my books in my office closet and every month, bring out a new selection of books for inspiration. I also love to play with the book covers and colors, displaying them as if I worked in a store. What you surround yourself with influences your creative process, so pick carefully! 

Pictured here: Fabric for the  mantra pillow.

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