Next up in our In My Diaper Bag series (did you catch Camille’s picks?) is none other than super-mom Abby Larson. As editor and founder of Style Me Pretty, Abby knows a thing or two about stylish details, and so we couldn’t wait to find out how she balances form and function when day tripping with her two little ones. Keep reading for her tried-and-tested products, and let us know in the comments section what items you don’t leave the house without!

{1} This is the diaper bag that I have. This is the diaper bag that I wish I had… if I thought that diaper bags didn’t get entirely gross and dirty with crushed gold fish and spilled juice!

{2} Sunscreen. We use ThinkBaby because it’s completely clean and chemical free.

{3} The Safe Sippy. We looove these sippy cups because they are great for my 18-month toddler and my 3 year old, who wants a faster flow and sometimes a straw.

{4} We always always always have a bag of goldfish and a bag of yogurt tabs in our diaper bag. They are both the perfect distraction.

{5} We love these containers to hold the snacks. Cute and practical.

{6} A little embarrassing, BUT, we usually have an iPad in our bag. It’s great for long car rides and trips to the doctor when distraction is the secret ingredient.

{7} Sticky Hands Wipes. My kids are constantly a bit disgusting. We buy these in bulk at whole foods so that when we head into music class we don’t get stared at.

{8} What started as swaddle blankets have turned into lovies, lightweight blankets, shades from the sun, pillows…we always have one of these in our bag.

{9} While I used to keep pretty dresses and onesies made of fabulously fabulous fabrics and cuts, we’re now strictly in the phase where cute but cheap is the winning combination. The kids are growing so fast and staining clothes with popsicles faster than I can keep up with, so we generally rely on Old Navy to outfit our brood. Pink dresses (only) and basic T’s are a diaper bag must.

{10} Stroller Clips. The worst trait in a diaper bag (which is common with a lot of the cute ones) is that it doesn’t strap onto your stoller. With these, you can have your cake and eat it too.

{11} Changing Pad. We like these because they fold up small and flat.

Thanks, Abby!

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