Like many soon-to-be-moms, I’ve been thinking about how to maintain my personal sense of style, despite the mountains of diapers, wipes, bottles, snacks and other baby gear that becomes a necessary part of daily life. My friends stared at me in shocked disbelief when I recently wondered if I should turn my Céline tote into a diaper bag post-baby… so I decided that it was definitely time to start the search for a real diaper bag that would combine fashion with true function. After finding a lot of bags that met only one of those criteria, I finally met my match: kate spade new york’s Nylon Stripe Stevie Baby Bag has all the stylish elements that I’d look for in a handbag (baby or not), while providing everything I could possibly need as a mom-on-the-go. The nylon fabric wipes totally clean of any messes (a must), and it comes with such necessities as a changing pad and stroller straps…plus pockets for every bottle, toy and paci that baby might need when we’re out. Hop over to kate spade new york to check out the other chic bags in their baby collection, and keep reading to see all the items I’m planning to pack in mine! 

32 weeks along, and my bump is about the same size as my bag! Here are some of the things I’m planning to stock up on… (diapers also made the list, but I figured that was a given.) And all you moms out there, I’d love to know: what great little items are must-haves in your diaper bag?

{1} Honest Company Hand Sanitizer. Jessica Alba’s all-natural baby company stocks the cutest, most practical necessities. I was never that concerned about using organic personal care products until I got pregnant – when everything I put on and in my body suddenly seemed a lot more important. This sanitizer will be a must-have for pre-meals, post-diaper changes, and when strangers inevitably want to touch my baby.

{2} Mini-Suzette the Fox. There’s just something about the blabla line of stuffed animals that makes me smile. I’ll keep one of them stashed away for on-the-go cuddles.

{3} Nature Baby Drawstring Booties. To keep baby’s feet warm when we’re out and about. I’ve heard that socks often slip right off newborns’ feet, and these have an ingenious drawstring that adjusts to fit any size.

{4} Peeled Snacks. Baby won’t be able to eat these until she’s a lot older, but I’ll be snacking on them in the meantime. A nutritious, organic serving of fruit in each pack.

{5} Giraffe Changing Pad. Though my bag comes with a changing pad in it, I’ve heard it never hurts to have an extra on hand for on-the-go diaper changes. This Giraffe printed version is so cute and has a slightly vintage look.

{6} Children’s Books. I’m a total sucker for beautifully illustrated children’s books, and baby’s bookshelves are already brimming with ones that I can’t wait to read to her. This Alice in Wonderland Color Primer is so vibrant and happy.

{7} iPhone 4S. No explanation necessary.

{8} Honest Company Wipes. See {1} for why I love this company. Also, these wipes are infused with pomegranate & grapeseed oil, soothing cucumber, and moisturizing glycerin & honeysuckle. The only time a wipe has sounded downright yummy.

{9} Baggu Zipper Bags. I’m a huge fan of this functional-meets-chic line, and this set is the perfect size for organizing smaller items inside the bigger diaper bag so they don’t get lost.

{10} Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in Magnolia. ‘Cause mama’s still got to look put together.

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