I love getting together at the holidays and seeing my nearest and dearest, but it makes me so sad when I realize that sometimes my kids don’t remember these lovely folks. This year we created a memory game that associates things we like to remember about these family members with photos and magazine cut-outs so we have a way to chat about them all year long. You can do this 2 ways: with actual photos of the people, or the way I’ve done it, with magazine cut outs that picture things that remind us of those people.

  • scissors
  • glue
  • washi tape
  • construction paper (or actual photos)
  • magazines (for cutting out similar items to what reminds us of our family)
  • cardboard (perfect way to reuse all those gift boxes!)

If cutting out of a magazine, just cut out 2 images that are similar (or are of the same thing) that remind you of a particular family member.  Example: Honey always has fresh flowers at her house (2 pictures of flowers), Aunt Meg just had our baby cousin Norah (2 pictures of babies), etc.

  1. Cut 4×4 inch squares of cardboard (for the center)
  2. Cut 4×4 squares of construction paper (for the ‘cover’)
  3. Cut 4×4 inch squares of magazine cut outs or actual photos
  4. Glue the photo to one side of the cardboard and the construction paper to the other.
  5. Add washi tape to the construction paper side to add visual interest.
  6. Play Memory!

If you aren’t feeling super crafty, there is also a really fabulous option available at Pinhole Press.  Just upload your personal photos and order your own Memory Game. This would also be great before the Holidays to get your kids ready to see all these special relatives.

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Carrie Ryan