When I was in school, my dad created an ongoing character who made a special appearance on the napkins in my lunchbox.  I didn’t see this character everyday, but he showed up often enough for me to be wondering when he’d be back again. His name was Superdog and he was precisely how you are picturing him…A totally awesome flying dog with floppy ears and a flapping cape. Superdog would always pop in just in time to give me the encouragement I needed to get through the grueling days at school.  Life is hard, even when you’re 10 (or maybe especially when you’re 10)…

This is a memory that is etched in my mind. As silly and simple as it is, Superdog made me feel all kinds of encouraged and uplifted as a child. Clearly, this wasn’t the only little token of encouragement I got along the way, but it was a start down the road of confidence that I continue to walk.  I would always rather air on the side of ‘Ya, I can probably do that,’  wouldn’t you?

All this to say, I want to encourage my kids. I’m not perfect at it. I don’t even attempt to be, as motherhood is quite literally the hardest thing I have ever done. But man, I want to encourage them. I want them to think they can do anything. So, lets start with a lunchbox note. When thinking about how I wanted to execute my version of the Superdog, I was shooting for something that could leave a profound impact, be stylish and inspiring, and also take very little time (Is this my motto for life? Perhaps yes).

Meet PrintstagramThe company links your Instagram account to their professional grade printing. You have a choice between a few different products, but for the lunch notes I chose the 4” prints and the 2.5” prints. The great thing about using your own Instagram photos for lunch note cards, is that they quickly provide you the subject of your notes. ‘We are going to grandma’s house after school!’ written on a picture of Grandma’s house, could be a super fun surprise at lunch — maybe even a surprise worth sharing at the lunch table. Or a sweet note about hoping your child’s creativity can shine at school written over a quick pic you took of their artwork last month could mean the world.

So, I bring you the Printsagram Lunch Box Note…

  1. Order prints through Printstagram (2.5”, 4”, or the calendar would all work great)
  2. Use rubber stamp to embellish prints
  3. Write a quick note with a sharpie on the print.
  4. Use a magnet or washi tape to adhere the note to the inside of the lunchbox!

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Carrie Ryan