Monochromatic Monday :: A Clean Slate

By Camille Styles

Back to School Inspiration | Camille Styles

If you listen closely, you can almost hear the first period bell ringing. Believe me, I was just as thrilled as the next 18-year-old girl when graduation day arrived, but now that it’s been ten years since I’ve set foot in those locker-lined hallways, I’ve gotta admit that I look back on it all with rose-tinged glasses. And that first day of school was always pretty thrilling. Putting on the new outfit I’d been planning for weeks, calling all my friends to make sure we were in the same classes and of course, filling my backpack with crisp new notebooks and pens with caps that were as yet unchewed. Today’s inspiration board pays homage to that unmistakable feeling of new beginnings, and even though it’s “just another day” for most of us, I’m choosing to embrace the spirit of clean slates that the first day of school always brings with it. Who’s with me?

And I’d love to hear in the comments: what are your favorite memories of the first day of school?

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