Monochromatic Monday :: Aegean Escape

By Jenn Rose Smith
Grecian Inspiration Board | Camille Styles

Grecian Inspiration Board | Camille Styles

Did you have a favorite crayola when you were a child? Mine was always cerulean, inevitably decreased to a nub long before the others in the box. No white piece piece of paper was safe from it’s bright blue intensity. As an adult, I’m still drawn to it’s energy. Even though I rarely cook, it’s only a matter of time before I break down and purchase Vefa’s Kitchen — the comprehensive Greek cookbook written by Vefa Alexiadou — if only for the sake of it’s gorgeous cover art designed by Julia Hasting. Greece seems to be the most cerulean place in the world, with it’s waters, sky, painted buildings and even national flag all drenched in my favorite crayola hue. I’ve still never been, so today I’m dreaming of a booking a vacation on the Aegean Sea surrounded by the perfection of bright blue against crisp white… but in the meantime, I’ll be swooning over the latest Greek-inspired collection from Chance and the gorgeous promo shorts shot on location in the island of Paros. Enjoy!

image sources {row 1} yiorgos kaplanidis for chancejulia hasting for phaidon, blue water via deviant art, sophie heywood {row 2} hazel terry, image of plate found via pinterest (original source unknown), octopus print scarf by lily and lionel, ralph lauren ad found via eclectic the blog, {row 3} photo of candice bergan on set of the 1966 film “the day the fish came out” photographed by constantine manos found via magnum photos, home of pequenina rodrigues photographed by manuel gomes da costa for spanish elle, still from short film by thanassis totsikas for chance, belltower image source unknown (image found via pinterest), image via