Three days until the 14th, and this year I’m feeling a Valentine’s palette that’s unmistakably romantic. And since these days I can’t get enough of a dark and moody aesthetic, I thought I’d opt for a look that’s amorous without being typically red and pink. So I turned to this selection of gorgeous images in deep shades of burgundy and oxblood, all set against a black and slate backdrop — from decadent berry desserts to twinkling textiles, this pairing is the ultimate display of affection. Be sure to keep these colors in mind when planning your Valentine’s Day dinner, desserts or flowers, and stay tuned for more love-themed goodness in these few days leading up to Thursday!

image sources: berry pancakes, street style, chandelier, carolyn murphy, chanel lipstick, margiela candy clutches, berry pout, flowers, berry sorbet, peonies, semifreddo, beaded dress, celestial lanterns, fireworks (anyone know the original?), breakfast for two

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Chanel Dror