Monochromatic Monday :: Denim Daze

By Chanel Dror
denim inspiration board | camille styles

denim inspiration board | camille styles

If you’ve been paying even the slightest bit of attention to the latest in fashion, you’ve probably noticed that denim is back, baby, and in a major way. In fact, as I type, I’m wearing denim cutoffs paired with a classic Levi’s jacket that I borrowed from Jenn (which I’m afraid she’ll have to tear from my grips to get back). Something about denim-on-denim looks both put together and effortless all at once, dont you think? I’m so in love with the look that I couldn’t possibly let the trend pass without devoting a Monochromatic Monday to it, so we’re kicking off the week with a cool, laid back style board. I’d love to hear how you don your denim, and if you’ve been hesitant to give the trend a try, check out Ana’s break down of how to pull it off!

image sources: girls wearing grey marle & denim, folk fibers ‘zen’ quilt; denim on denim street style look;  j. crew models wearing ballet flats; denim shirts (original source unknown); luna park exterior walldenim art; denim shirt pockey (original source unknown); folk fibers ‘flying geese’ quilt; dining room; meredith melling burke (original source unknown)