Monochromatic Monday :: Haunted Mansion

By Chanel Dror
Haunted Mansion Mood Board | Camille Styles

Haunted Mansion Mood Board | Camille Styles

Though I’m keeping the Halloween revelry somewhat toned down this year, I still get a kick out of having the daylights scared out of me. I have vivid childhood memories of visiting mortifying haunted houses, and The Haunted Mansion and Tower of Terror still remain two of my favorite rides at Disney World to date. So for today’s final dose of All Hallow’s Eve inspiration, I thought I’d channel the eerie feeling of a haunted mansion at dusk… baroque antiques coated in cobwebs, with the first signs of daylight peering through gauzy, billowing drapes. And how amazingly creepy is that dramatic photo of Lady Sybil? I’m thinking that a haunted Downton Abbey might be the most terrifying place on earth (and also make for a thrilling spinoff!) I’d love to hear all your thoughts on Halloween’s fear factor… do you love a good scare like me, or are you in it for the costumes and candy corn?

sasha kurmaz; unknown via heart fire at homechâteau de miranda via marinkel; muffetpaolo roversi via youth novels; unknown via the black workshop; margravial opera house via hekman digital archive; chandelier by lee bul via ananas a miami; jessica brown findlay for dominic jones, photo by alex sainsbury via telegraph; staircase unknown via weheartitdonnie darko via my disguisesunknown; full moon poster from urban outfitters