I find it practically impossible to choose a favorite color. More often than not, the hue I’m drawn to is dependent on my mood, the season, en vogue trends, etc. But if I had to pick one color that always catches my eye and cheers me up without a doubt, it’d be this soft shade of muted peach. Call it pale salmon or blushy coral (it’s all relative, isn’t it?), I’ve loved this color for years. It’s the exact shade of a bunch of pink peonies, the color that this guava-orange margarita boasts, and in recent months has been inseparable from a certain mint green. I’ll be giving some thought to how I can transition this pretty peach into my winter styling, but until that time comes, will be getting the very most out of the few summer weeks I have left to keep my brights and pastels in use. Be sure to leave a comment letting me know what your absolute favorite color is, and stop by later today for an always-lovely Bring It Home post from Cristina!

*images: {row 1} guava-orange margarita, skirt, flower {row 2} cake, bedroom, beach {row 3} print, anyone know where this ring‘s from?, peonies, print {row 4} bunting {row 5} girl in peach blouse, peaches with ice cream illustration, peach blouse   


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