How To Create The Most Gorgeous Mothers Day Bouquet

By Carmen Collins
pretty bouquets for mother's day

Mothers Day is right around the corner and we’re ready to spoil and thank Mom for all that she does for us. Nothing says Mothers Day like flowers, but this year we’re looking for something a little more special than a dozen red roses. So I headed over to the Gypsy Floral studio to get a lesson from the pros on how to craft the ultimate Mothers Day bouquet. Emily showed me how to choose and group flowers, compose a balanced bouquet, and tie it altogether with a pretty ribbon. Keep reading for a peek inside her gorgeous studio workshop, and take some notes on how to create your own bouquet for Mom this Sunday.

photography by kristen kilpatrick

The Gypsy Floral studio is seriously every girl’s dream workspace. Emily and her business partner Sunni created this gorgeous marble table with a base they found while antiquing, and their woven chandelier is a vintage flower basket passed down from Sunni’s family.

Emily and I met up for an afternoon of floral arranging fun. We picked up these gorgeous blooms from Austin Flower Co – their peonies are huge this time of year!

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All you’ll need to create your own floral bouquet is parchment paper, floral tape, scissors, a variety of flowers, and tons of pretty ribbon.

Emily had buckets of flowers in stock, so we went around and chose a handful of flowers we wanted to include in our arrangements. I had a hard time choosing favorites surrounded by all of these beauties!

Next, Emily showed me how to arrange my flowers on the parchment paper. The trick is to lay down all of your larger blooms first, and then fill in empty spots with smaller flowers.

It’s always fun to throw in something a little exotic and out-of-the-box! We were swooning over these gorgeous Japanese sweet peas.

Since we were creating bouquets for our moms, we went for a super feminine color palette, focusing on pink, blush, magenta, and white.

Once everything’s in place, secure your bundle of flowers with floral tape, and then wrap it up with parchment paper. We left the stems of our flowers sticking out of the bottom of the paper for a more organic look.

Composition is key when arranging flowers. You can balance out your larger blooms with something tall, or create groupings of your smaller flowers to make them stand out a little more.

Emily gave me a hand when my bouquet looked just a little off… She really does have the magic touch that comes with years of experience and a great eye for design.

I mean, how gorgeous is this space?! Emily and Sunni are so lucky to call this place “work.”

Ranunculus in full bloom…

After fastening our bouquets with a silky white ribbon, we added in a few more flowers to any spaces that looked a little empty.

Voila! The perfect bouquets to deliver to Mom this weekend.

Try your hand at crafting your own Mothers Day bouquet this year! Forage wildflowers and greenery from around your neighborhood, or head to your local flower shop to pick up some interesting blooms.

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