On My Nightstand

By Camille Styles
May Reading List | Camille Styles

May Reading List | Camille Styles

It’s funny how sometimes, there’s nothing I’d rather do than dive into an engrossing novel to unwind…and other times (like this month), I’m totally in the mood for nonfiction works that enrich my body, mind and spirit. I’ll be heading to LA and Aspen during the next few weeks, and I’m loading up my iPad with healthy cookbooks (and yes, I do read them cover-to-cover just like novels), always-thought-provoking Michael Pollan and one fabulous memoir. Plus Bon Appetit, Vanity Fair & Vogue… but that goes without saying. Here’s what I’m currently reading, and please leave a comment with any books you highly recommend – I’m always looking to add to next month’s list!

Fresh Happy Tasty, Jane Coxwell. It’s not often that I learn a ton of new stuff about cooking in the first few pages of a cookbook… and that’s exactly what happened when I picked up Fresh Happy Tasty, by Diane von Furstenberg’s personal chef, Jane Coxwell. The 100 recipes she shares are a perfect mix of bursting-with-exotic-flavor and approachable techniques, and I’ve got plans to cook from this one all weekend long.

Time and Tide: Photographs from Praia Piquinia, Christian Chaize. Since Christian Chaize happens to be my favorite fine art photographer – we have his work displayed in multiple rooms of our home – I’m pretty giddy about the release of this gorgeous coffee table tome.

Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation, Michael Pollan. I’m a big fan of Pollan’s other books (The Omnivore’s Dilemma, Food Rules and more) – they bring a common sense approach to eating well that really resonates with me – so I’m really excited to crack into his latest. Cooked is an exploration of the history and primal roots of transforming natural ingredients into this thing we call a meal, and I have no doubt it’s going to reinspire me to spend some serious time in the kitchen.

Grace: A Memoir, Grace Coddington. I’ve been meaning to read this for months, and this month’s LA trip will afford me the in-flight time to finally devour it. I’ve been fascinated with Grace Coddington and her incredible career for years, and I can’t wait to read all about the dynamic characters who have played a part in her adventures.

Now it’s your turn! Let me know what you’re reading this month… and for other book ideas, be sure to check out the last few editions of On My Nightstand.