Last month’s On My Nightstand turned into such an inspiring give-and-take of reading ideas, I decided it must become a monthly installment, no? Two of my current selections were ones that y’all recommended, and my only problem now is deciding which to pick up every night since I’m so excited about tackling each one. Currently on my nightstand…

{1} Bringing Up Bébé seems to be the talk of every mother and preggers girl I know right now. During my first trimester, I read a couple of awesome books on pregnancy (this one knocked my socks off), and now I’m officially ready to move on to a few parenting books. Bringing Up Bébé is the story of an American journalist who has a baby in Paris, and goes on to observe some of the fascinating differences between French and American parenting styles. Have any of y’all read this one yet? Would love to know what you think.

{2} The Sweet Life in Paris is David Leibovitz’s adventures living in the city of lights (just realized I have a francophile theme going this month!), complete with hilarious tales of cultural differences and the way he slowly morphs into a bit of a Parisian himself. And it wouldn’t be a Leibovitz book without a collection of totally drool-inducing recipes. (thanks to Krista for the great rec!)

{3} Okay, this bag really isn’t on my nightstand…but I thought it was hysterical, and I had to share.

{4} My Year with Eleanor was recommended last month by reader Julie, and I have a feeling that the minute I flip to the first page on my iPad, I’ll be completely addicted. I love memoirs with juicy plot lines, and this one is about former entertainment blogger Noelle Hancock losing her job, and her subsequent journey rediscovering her identity. Inspired by Eleanor Roosevelt’s “Do one thing every day that scares you,” advice, she dubs the months leading up to her 30th birthday her “year of fear” and in the process, discovers who she really is.

I’ve spilled, now it’s your turn! Leave a comment and let me know what you’re currently reading (or any recent book you highly recommend!)

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