Summer Survival Bag

By Camille Styles

Summer Survival Bag | Camille Styles

Sometimes it just feels like there’s so much to pull together every time I leave the house: cash, phone, ID, lipstick for me; diapers, wipes, toys, outfit change and snacks for Phoebe…and the list goes on. But the truth is, being prepared goes a long way towards making me feel sane and organized, and I’m determined to make that feeling extend straight into summertime (with its own unique set of sand-and-sun related needs!) I’ve teamed up with The Honest Company for a series of summertime posts, and today we’re kicking it off with a peek inside my summer survival bag:

1. rattan totea new beach bag makes packing fun, and the tribal vibe of this tory burch number makes my heart skip a beat.

2. a hundred summers by beatriz williams. i love ya, iPad, but your glare in the sunshine makes physical novels a poolside necessity.

3. squared sunnies. retro and cool, these let me play movie star for the day.

4 . big dots beach towel. you know you need one, so you might as well make it show-stopping.

5. preeti turban headband. i’ll throw it on post-swim with a chic sarong to head straight to dinner.

6. honest bug spraypure, organic essential oils to naturally keep bugs at bay.

7. honest hand sanitizer gel i never know what phoebe will get into in the great outdoors, and this sanitizer contains aloe and vitamin e for extra moisturization (meaning, my mani will thank me.)

8. honest sunscreen and healing balmthe sunscreen is safe for both of us – zinc oxide is the only active sunscreen ingredient – and the healing balm is incredibly versatile: diaper rash, irritated skin, cuts & scrapes… you name it, this balm tackles it.

9. leica m8 special edition whitein my book, this camera is the most lust-worthy accessory of summer.

10. bettina flat sandalsas a flat leather sandal connoisseur, these are at the top of my summer shopping list.

So what did I miss? Any other must-haves you guys never leave home without in the summertime?

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