A few weeks ago, I decided to revive the lost ritual (to me, at least) of bathing. When I was little, there was nothing I loved more than taking a stack of magazines or a big novel into the bath with me and literally soaking in bubbles for hours, turning on the hot faucet periodically as it began turning lukewarm. I’m not sure at what point I completely traded in this ritual for morning showers – probably about the time that life got really busy and efficiency suddenly seemed more important than pleasure – but I somehow forgot how much I loved taking a bath. Now that mornings with a 6-month-old are a blur of getting both of us fed, dressed and ready, nighttime has once again become my cleansing time of choice, and I recently realized that taking a bath would be the perfect transition from a tightly-scheduled day to a more relaxing pace that’s more about enjoyment than getting stuff done. One soak in rose oil-infused hot water up to my neck later, and I was hooked. And turns out I’m not the only one: Tom Ford reportedly takes 5 a day, and Diane Von Furstenberg devoted an entire book to them. Serena Williams once paid $5,000 for “the world’s most expensive,” but even a scented bath oil from the drugstore can be so transportive, especially in these chilly winter months when nothing feels more pampering than cocooning yourself in warmth, and stepping out of the bath with soft, hydrated skin. Now that I’m a bit of an addict, I’m ready to add a few items to my bath time arsenal to make each dip extra luxurious. On my list? Dyptique Precious Oils for the BathLaura Mercier ‘Crème de Pistache’ Body WashFresh Lychee Sugar Bath Cubes and Philosophy Orange Blossom Bubble Bath would all make for a pretty heavenly experience. I’d love to hear: any other bathtime devotees out there? What special rituals do you engage in to make it extra special (glass of wine, scented candle, favorite bath product?) And for those of you who, like me, haven’t taken a bath in years, I highly suggest you give it another whirl… you can thank me later.

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