Things have been changing over at my little abode: my dear roommate, Chanel, recently moved out, leaving my second bedroom empty and full of possibility. I’ve decided to transform the space into a much-needed home office, and I’ve got my work cutout for me! First thing’s first: a desk that’s simple, inexpensive, and has a splash of gold (of course), and after some seriously unsuccessful internet shopping I set out to create my own. Using trusty ‘ole Ikea legs (plus some gorgeous accessories from Nannie Inez), this design is super easy to do yourself and packs a major bang for your buck…

  • (2) Lerberg Legs in white from Ikea, assembled
  • (2) Carpet Trim 3/8 x 36″ Gold, cut down to two 23″-long pieces
  • (2) Carpet Trim 1/2 x 72″ Gold
  • (2) Whitewood boards 1 x 6″ x 72″
  • (1) Whitewood boards 1 x 12″ x 72″
  • (1) Common board strip 1 x 3″ x 96″, cut into 4 18″-long pieces.
  • (16) woodscrews #8 1 1/4″
  • drill

*note: carpet trim, whitewood boards and common board pieces can all be purchased at Home Depot or Lowe’s, and cut to size for you on site. If they can’t cut the carpet trim for you, buy an inexpensive hand saw and trim it yourself! 

  1. Lay whitewood boards face down on ground 1/4″ apart, with 12″-wide board in center and a 6″-wide board on either side.
  2. Place the 4 pieces of common board perpendicularly along back side of 72″ whitewood boards, spaced approximately 20″ apart.
  3. Drill 4 screws into each common board piece, connecting it to the whitewood boards — a single screw at each connection point where the common board meet the 6″ whitewood boards, and two screws at the connection point where the common board meets the 12″ whitewood board.
  4. Nail the 72″ carpet trim backwards (ridges against the wood) onto the 72″ sides of the desk top (make sure the top of the trim is flush with the desk top). 
  5. Nail the two 23″ sides onto each end. The desk top now has a brass trim!
  6. Place on the Ikea legs.

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