As the holidays pick up, most of us are itching to get our homes in tip-top condition before the onslaught of parties and out-of-town visitors. Claire here, with a fun DIY that’ll put a final, unique touch on any room that isn’t quite right yet. When it comes to interiors, Chelsea and I share a love for simplicity, neutral palettes and raw materials, which is why we both gravitated toward the beautiful lighting by Camp Provisions. So when Chelsea suggested we try making our own fixtures inspired by their designs, I was completely on board. My favorite part about these pendants is their versatility! You can paint the beads, change up the pattern or space them apart to create a completely different look. Keep reading to see how we made them…

*photography by chelsea fullerton

  1. Once you decide where you want to place your switch (usually nearer to the plug), unscrew the switch to take it apart. Cut the “hot” wire with pliers (this is usually the black or brown wire). You can push the woven cloth over enough to see what color each wire is  (here is a helpful step by step).
  2. Cut off the plastic covering with the sharp part of the pliers, be careful not to cut the copper wire that the plastic is covering.
  3. Wrap the wire around each screw. Put the plastic covering back on the switch and screw it to reassemble.
  4. Slip on your beads in any pattern you want, sliding the copper socket cover on last.
  5. Using the pliers, once again remove part of the plastic covering from each wire at the end of the cord. Remove the cap from the top of your socket and place the copper wires in each channel (doesn’t matter which wire is in which channel). Reattach the plastic top.
  6. Screw in the bulb and hang with a hook. Plug in and voila! 

Oh! And in case you were wondering about that lovely ceramic vase holding the Billy Balls… it was made by local favorite, Kreeger Pottery!

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