Can y’all believe that summer is just around the corner? I (Claire) am so looking forward to embracing the season with a few memorable outdoor gatherings, and can’t wait to invite friends and family over for some long overdue quality time together. But like it always does, outdoor entertaining season has totally crept up on me, and my backyard is in dire need of a pick-me-up. Since I don’t have the time or pocketbook for a full blown landscaping overhaul, I thought I’d focus on a smaller scale project that makes a big impact. And because my Mason Jar Herb Garden was such a hit, I figured I’d try to take my green thumb outdoors, and spice up my yard with a simple DIY garden. I’ve gathered some of my favorite ideas from around the web, but I’d love to get your thoughts on which one I should recreate… Let me hear your suggestions, and stay tuned for the big reveal in two weeks!

images: 1. Flora Grubb Gardens 2. Annette Guttierez via Apartment Therapy 3. Jenny Darling

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