Claire here, with this week’s DIY transformation for you all! When Camille asked for my help in creating a low seated dining table for her bohemian-themed shoot for DIY Network, the wheels in my head started spinning. What types of materials would be right for a Moroccan-style table, perfect for guests to lounge around on floor cushions? How tall should it be for optimal lounging, and how should I construct it? I considered using an old door as the tabletop, but wasn’t sure about the carved indentations…and most of the vintage doors I found were fairly pricey. When I came across these old bed posts, I knew they’d make the perfect legs, topped by simple wooden planks that would allow me to customize the size to exactly where I wanted it. Care to see how the pieces came together? We’ve got the easy instructions just after the jump.

  • Wood planks (I used salvaged wood)
  • 3 narrow boards, 1/4? x  2.5?
  • bed posts (I used old bed post for legs but the options for this part are endless!)
  • tape measure
  • pencil
  • skill saw
  • sander
  • drill
  • 1 1/2″ wood screws
  • 4 hanger bolts
  1. Pick out your planks! (I used 3 reclaimed wood pieces about 1′ wide each).
  2. Determine your length and cut accordingly (We cut ours to 6′ long).
  3. Choose your legs (bed posts are GREAT if you can find them at a salvage shop).
  4. Cut to your chosen height (18″ worked for sitting on cushions on the ground).
  5. Sand all cut pieces to smooth and even.
  6. Put your planks face down and lay the three 1/4″x2.5′ boards perpendicular on the back, and drill a screw into each board to connect and stabilize, (similar to how I constructed my headboard).
  7. Measure and mark where you want to position your legs.
  8. Drill holes into the legs & table (about 1/2-3/4″ deep).
  9. Screw in the hangar bolts onto the legs, attach them to the table, flip over & dine!

*image: She-n-He Photography

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