Weekend Notes

By Camille Styles

Apple Cake with Cinnamon Sugar | Camille Styles

This week I’ve been giving some thought to the pressure we (I) sometimes put on ourselves to do it all. As I navigate these early days of motherhood and career, it can be hard not to feel like I’m constantly letting someone down, be it my team because I can’t be at every meeting and photo shoot, or Phoebe because I had to leave her with her grandmothers for an extra hour one day, or my friends because, well, I haven’t seen a whole lot of them these last few weeks. After talking with some of my other mom friends, I learned that this is an across-the-board struggle…so I’m starting to realize that sometimes, the only solution is to learn how to give ourselves a break. The first way I’m practicing putting it into action? Phoebe’s Halloween costume. I’ve been brainstorming the perfect original costume and how to craft it for weeks, and suddenly realized that the entire thing was just stressing me out. And then I thought – What would happen if my 11 week old doesn’t dress up at all for Halloween this year?  Absolutely nothing, I realized. And if I’m not in the mood to get super crafty, I shouldn’t force it and should instead use that time to play and have fun together! Let’s face it, she’ll be more happy in a onesie, anyway…

I’d love to know: do you guys deal with feelings of guilt over not being able to give 100% to everything all the time? How have you dealt with it? Leave a comment to discuss, and hope you enjoy my favorite links from the week!

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*image: call me cupcake