Weekend Notes

By Camille Styles
Our Labor of Love

Our Labor of Love

Morning, friends! What’s on all of your agendas this weekend? I’ve got a couple fun foodie things planned (my favorite kind) – a wood-fired pizza party tonight for Elizabeth’s next column, and a wine and cheese tasting with all our contributors for something fun we’re working on. I know, it’s a tough job…(ha.) And somewhere in there I’ve got to find time to get ready to head to NYC on Monday! A super quick trip for back-to-back biz meetings, but it’ll be fun to be in the city for the first time since I had Phoebe, and I’m excited to try out a couple new restaurants. Hope you all have a lovely weekend, and enjoy my favorite links from the week! xo

Our contributor Chelsea designed Our Labor of Love’s gorgeous new website (where I spotted the photo above.)

Bananas, pecans & ice cream packed into one delicious dish… I’ll take two.

Eight new and necessary punctuation marks (so funny and true.)

Why not throw around a little festivity?

Could it be… the secret to crispy sweet potato fries?

Craving a spring bag in this minty shade of green.

This love letter wrapping paper is kind of genius.

*and a few fun things you may have missed!

Claire DIY’d the coolest iPad case on the planet.

Elizabeth talks apples, culinary inspiration & Mexican prison hooch with the crew behind Argus Cidery.

We celebrated Phoebe’s half-birthday.

10 best ways to eat avocados.

*image: our labor of love