Weekend Notes

By Jenn Rose Smith

Weekend Notes | Camille Styles

Good morning, dear readers, and happy Saturday! Jenn here, holding down the fort with Chanel while Camille enjoys a short (and much-deserved) vacation. Tonight I’ll be partaking in one of my very favorite weekend activities — trying out a new restaurant with friends. While I still love the occasional dance party, these days I’m craving quality time with good friends and good food on the weekends. And if we can manage to get a table outside, even better! I just adore this image of Elise Joseph sitting in front of that cobalt blue wall. (In fact, I’m thinking of painting my bathroom that very color… but maybe I’ll get started on that next weekend.) In the meantime, Chanel and I have gathered a few of our favorite links of the week for you to enjoy:

You haven’t lived if you haven’t hosted a fancy donut party

… and this Donut Hole Croquembouche is about as fancy as it gets.

Thrilled to have our office featured on Rue!

The catalyst to our ongoing summer cocktail obsession.

If your social calendar is looking anything like ours, you’ll be glad to have this summer wedding gift guide on hand.

Much appreciated (and needed!) flea market tips from a stylist.

Drooling over this spring vegetable potstickers recipe.

and a few fun things you may have missed…

The party we’re still talking about.

Elizabeth took us behind the scenes of a heartwarming, Austin-based food project.

And so our summer cocktail obsession continues…

{photo credit: jessica comingore}