Weekend Notes

By Camille Styles

Picnic | Camille Styles

Happy long weekend, friends! And I’ve got to admit that it got here not a moment too soon. This past week has felt like a major juggle, balancing a busy work schedule with lots of social stuff and, most of all, a 1-year-old who is suddenly wanting to explore everything…and who has to be watched like a hawk every single second of the day. I feel like I suddenly understand what my friends with kids meant when they told me things can get a lot more challenging when babies become really mobile. Phoebe’s at that point where she wants me to be playing with her around-the-clock, making normal tasks like laundry and making dinner seem almost impossible. On one hand, it’s such an incredibly fun stage as she starts to say new words and is constantly learning new things, but it also makes for one exhausted mama at the end of each day! I’d love to hear any of your advice, for keeping 1-year-old’s entertained, getting through dinnertime and keeping the inevitable tantrums at bay. Any words of wisdom or book recommendations welcome! And for those of you without kids, thanks for letting me have this little vent session. Sometimes you just need it, and having a long weekend with a couple nights of extra sleep can do wonders for the soul, no? Hope you all have a lovely holiday weekend, and enjoy my favorite links from around the web this week!

Love the design of this California beach-inspired café in London.

Checklist for a prepared-for-anything stylist’s toolkit.

This risotto with chard & wild mushrooms looks like the perfect way to start getting in a fall frame of mind.

Love the authenticity and love that’s evident in this family reunion dinner.

Chic tastemakers have afternoon snacks, too.

Embrace the last days of summer with this cute painted lawn game DIY.

*and a few fun things you may have missed!

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Martha Lynn gives us the 411 on a doing a quick & easy cat eye.

Ever wonder what crazy requests artists make for backstage?

*image: smitten studio