Weekend Notes

By Camille Styles
mediterranean terrace by matthew williams for martha stewart | camille styles

mediterranean terrace by matthew williams for martha stewart | camille styles

Morning, friends! I woke up to chillier temps on this first weekend of November, and as I sit at our kitchen island and sip pumpkin spice tea while my new harvest candle burns, I can’t help but think — wow, I am starting to turn into this guy, ha! But I truly do get so much joy out of the changing seasons and the fresh feeling in the air that each one brings, I guess I should just embrace it. This week has been all about catching up, tackling my to-do list and trying to spend as much time with Phoebe as possible after our Mexico trip. I really have felt so refreshed, and projects that I was dragging my feet on pre-trip seem so much more manageable and exciting now that I’ve had a chance to take a breather. Halloween was a blast — it was the first time Phoebe dressed up, and she was the star of the show at our neighborhood block party, dancing solo right in front of the band playing in the street (yeah, I think she’s gonna be a groupie.) Hope you’re all having a lovely start to a new month, and enjoy my favorite links from the past week! xo

A great cup of coffee sounds like the perfect weekend date destination to me!

Have all you Austinites rsvp’d to our West Elm DIY Workshop on November 14th?

This garden celebration is intimate and magical… love every detail.

Such a cute interview with Brad (Goreski, not Pitt, sillies. Still, you gotta love him!)

This autumnal salad looks like a yummy way to try out the new-to-me seed Kaniwa. Have any of y’all tried it?

A few great blogs on this list that I’ll be adding to my daily reads.

*and a few fun things you may have missed!

Favorite moments from last week’s trip to Mexico…& thoughts on bringing that vacay bliss back home!

Cristina shared a to-die-for kitchen…and budget-friendly ways to bring the look home.

Elizabeth profiled one of my fave new artisanal pizza joints, and shared a must-try recipe for a zucchini & pesto pie.

*photo by matthew williams for martha stewart living september 2013