Morning you guys! Can hardly believe that it’s already Saturday again, and this week has flown by at such a quick speed that I’m having to look back at my calendar to even remember its events… Monday saw me confined to the bed with a virus and high fever, while Friday included the most kick-butt spin class I’ve ever attended, leaving me with a boost of productive energy the rest of the day (what a difference a week can make!) In between were lunches with friends, play dates at the park, loads of book writing and planning for next week’s big shoot, and an incredibly fun DIY Workshop that our team hosted at West Elm.  Last night, Adam and I capped it off with a long date night dinner in a cozy booth at Jeffrey’s bar. Perfection! No real updates on our potential office space yet — I never knew how much paperwork and waiting (and patience!) were involved with buying a house! But I’ll be sure to keep you all posted (crossing fingers!!) and as always, a few of my favorite links from the past week:

A lovely reminder that beautiful photos never tell the full story.

The details in this “pop art” first birthday party would be pretty amazing for an adult party, too.

Love the sentiment behind this Friendsgiving celebration.

This pretty much sums up the way I feel about hot yoga.

A summer camp-inspired rehearsal dinner that almost has me wishing it were summer again.

Have I ever mentioned that cucumber + gin is one of my favorite combos ever?

*and a few fun things you may have missed!

Here’s what I’m reading this month.

Jen shared all the chic things she can’t live without.

Erin from House of Earnest stopped by with a genius DIY for the Thanksgiving Table.

*photo: anais & dax for kinfolk.

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