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10 Best :: Splendid Summer Favors

By Jennifer Berke

When I was 14, I received a small, beaded journal from a friend’s birthday party and thought I’d never seen anything so beautiful. Believe it or not, I’ve held onto that journal and when I look at it now, I’m transported back to that fun day with friends. Suffice it to say, I’m the Merriam Webster’s textbook definition of a sentimentalist, and when I leave a party with a favor in hand, I tend to hang onto it. Such a lovely token of appreciation from the hostess, the ultimate party favors are both creative and commemorative, and be it in the form of sweet treats or packaging that’s a gift in itself, there’s no time like summer to get playful and seasonal with gift-giving for your guests. Click through for some of our favorites, and be sure to share links for any fabulous summer favors you’ve seen around the web!

1. Fresh Honey 

2. Fiesta Fringe Favor Boxes

3. Mini Button Name Tags 

4. Succulent Wraps 

5. Skipping Stones 

6. Lilac Sugar 

7. Homemade Jam 

8. Fiesta Favor Bags

9. Animal Favor Boxes 

10. Flower Pencils