There’s no question that Cinco de Mayo marks the official beginning of summer in Texas. With students wrapping up the school year and the introduction of blazing hot weather, I can’t imagine anything more worthy of poolside celebration. Of course, no party is truly complete without favors, so for a fiesta-themed cocktail party we styled for, we printed these festive bags and stuffed them with homemade pralines for guests to take home. We’ve got the template here for you to download and print yourselves, and then fill with whatever treat you so desire. Keep reading for the complete instructional and  be sure to stop by later today for the perfect Cinco de Mayo cocktail!

  1. If you’re only able to find horizontal vellum envelopes, simply use double-sided tape to seal the envelope shut. Then position the envelope vertically, and use scissors to trim approximately 1/4″ off top.
  2. Download printable, scale to 100% and print onto envelope. To successfully print onto vellum, we had to put set our printer to: custom size, glossy card stock, and proof.
  3. Stuff bag with treat, fold over opening, and seal with piece of wash tape.

*photos by Hayden Spears

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