How do you all keep your creative juices flowing? I (Chanel) found that as soon as I slammed shut my last college textbook and truly opened myself up to being creative around the clock, I began to surprise myself daily with the projects I was coming up with. By just browsing the web and bookmarking every item that possessed the slightest bit of inspirational potential, the wheels in the right side of my brain were kicked into high gear and haven’t slowed down since. I had bookmarked a few examples of silhouette art ages ago, but I knew that I wanted to put a new spin on the concept, so I let the idea simmer in the very back of my mind for a really long time. Then one day, Camille and I were brainstorming a southern wedding table for DIY Network, and voile! I had my light bulb moment. So after some fine tuning, we created these silhouette art place cards that picture the couples’ respective profiles to correspond with the female and male guests, and then have the guest’s name stamped just above. They were super easy and inexpensive to put together and fit in seamlessly with our classic southern decor, so we thought we’d share the step-by-step with all of you, just after the jump!

  • camera & printer
  • precision craft scissors
  • oval picture mat
  • craft glue
  • white card stock paper
  • black spray paint
  • gold spray paint
  • alphabet stamps
  • ink pad
  1. Take a picture of the bride’s profile and print onto regular printer paper.
  2. Using precision scissors, carefully cut out the silhouette. Cut small details like exaggerated eyelashes and flippy curls to add a girly touch, and spray paint the silhouette black.
  3. Spray paint oval mat gold, and cut white card stock to a rectangle the size of the oval mat.
  4. Glue silhouette onto center of card stock rectangle, and then glue the card stock rectangle to the back of the oval mat.
  5. Repeat and stamp names of female guests above silhouette. Repeat with groom’s silhouette for male guests.
  6. Tip: If you have a large guest list, speed up the process by making copies of the black silhouette mounted onto the white paper, and then simply cut out the rectangle to glue onto the oval mat. 
*first and last image by She-n-He Photography

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Chanel Dror