Do you have any fun Halloween plans for this weekend or next week? Jenn here, looking forward to a few different costume parties… but I doubt any of them will be as much fun as our “The Birds”-themed Halloween party we shared last week! Due to the great response the post has received, today we’re sharing the DIY on how to create your own bird shaped shadow puppets using our downloadable template.

You don’t need much to re-create our “The Birds”-themed photo booth. With a few bright lamps, a white bed sheet and the instructions below, you’ll be all set to capture your own fun Halloween memories with friends this year:

  • wooden sticks
  • black card stock or foam core board
  • tape
  • white paint pen
  • x-acto blade
  • our bird template — download our four unique bird shapes here!

Print our downloadable birds (4 pages) on to plain white paper. Using the x-acto blade, cut out the bird shape on each of the four templates to create stencils. Tape the stencils on to the black card stock and trace using the white paint pen. Using the x-acto again, you can cut out the bird shapes from the black paper. You may want to flip your stencils over to create more variation in the way the birds are “facing”. Lastly, tape the black bird shapes to the wood sticks. To achieve the look of our photobooth display, you must light the bedsheet using bright lamps from both behind and in front. Happy Halloween!

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