If you caught yesterday’s 10 Best DIY Valentinesyou may already have your February 14th crafting game plan all mapped out… but Valentine’s Day DIYs don’t have to be limited to small tokens of affection for your loved ones. For this project, I used a small, tarnished paint can to make a votive that’s perfect for adorning the table at a romantic dinner for two — and if you ask me, it’s a decorative detail that can find a place in the home all year-round. Mix yours up by using a variety of can types and sizes, different paint colors, or even using them as planters! Keep reading for the step by step instructions…

Tin Can Valentine’s Votive

  • small tin can
  • white printer paper
  • scotch tape
  • red spray paint
  • drill with 5/64 drill bit (or any small sized drill bit)
  • tealight candle

  1. Hand draw or print a heart shape onto paper. For my 4″ tall can, I printed 2.25″ tall hearts. Cut out heart, and trim paper to match the height of the can.
  2. Tape heart stencil onto can.
  3. Spray red spray paint into heart cutout. Allow to dry, then remove stencil.
  4. Hold can securely, and drill holes around the perimeter of the heart, eye-balling the placement of each hole. Set a lit tea light candle in the center.

*top image by Chad Wadsworth, all others by Jessi Afshin

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Chanel Dror