These days, it feels like just about everything looks better ombre’d, doesn’t it? From hair to clothing to decor, the trend has taken over every facet of the design world. Of course, we’re not complaining – we’ve fallen for the look along with the rest of you. So we thought it was due time that we added a dip dye style DIY to our discipline by creating ombre linens… only this craft actually doesn’t use dip dying to achieve the trendy look. Instead, we used spray bottles and artists watercolor, and the result is a lovely napkin that’s perfect for a springtime tabletop. Follow the jump for the easy instructions!

  1. Squeeze 2 to 3 drops of watercolor into the spray bottle and fill with water. If the solution is darker than you prefer, continue to pour out half the solution at a time and dilute with water until it’s to your satisfaction.
  2. Lay your linen out flat (we used a gauzy napkin).
  3. Begin spraying an organically-shaped form in a single color. While it’s still wet, begin spraying along edges with a second color so that the two blend. Play around with spraying several coats for darker shades. Continue to do so all around the cloth, leaving some white spaces throughout.
  4. Allow to dry. If touch-ups need to be made, repeat by spraying in desired areas and allowing to dry once again.

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Chanel Dror