Maybe it’s an only child thing, but I’ve always had a special place in my heart for stuffed animals. These cuddly and reliable pals from childhood can be great vehicles for a young imagination — and an especially cute, well-made toy makes for great nursery dressing as well. That’s why I kind of flipped out over the stuffed animal-inspired first birthday party Martha Stewart recently hosted for her granddaughter, Jude. Camille loves it, too, (it’s in the same color palette as Phoebe’s nursery!) and of course we’re already obsessing over planning the big First Birthday. See more after the jump…

Martha looked to classic stuffed animals from Steiff as the inspiration for Jude’s party and used the actual toys to create a decorative runner for a long table. The darling cake features little marzipan animals, which Martha also shares the DIY for on her site! It actually looks like a fairly simple and fun project.

I think these would make great toppers for cupcakes as well. What a simple and sweet themed party idea for a baby or toddler. These moments go by fast for parents (we can’t believe Phoebe is already over a month old!), so we think it’s a good thing to celebrate them. Do you have any cute theme ideas for a baby’s first birthday? Share them with us in the comments section!

*images via Martha Stewart


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