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I’m always excited to post one of our Entertaining With features, but today is an extra special treat because Caitlin Flemming (creator of the gorgeous blog Sacramento Street) happens to be one of my favorite gal pals on the planet. We originally bonded over our shared love of homemade ice cream, clean minimalist design and Clare Vivier clutches…and since then we’ve experienced adventures together in NYC, Salt Lake City (for Alt Summit) and Caitlin’s hometown of San Francisco. And I’m already counting the days until she comes to visit me and meet baby Phoebe in Austin later this fall! A talented interior decorator by day and lifestyle blogger by night, Caitlin never fails to inspire me with her clean, crisp aesthetic and ability to curate the chicest collections of objects imaginable. Oh and her San Fran apartment? Just wait ’til you see it… click through the images as Caitlin dishes on her effortless entertaining style.

Her standard hostess outfit:

We’re pretty casual – for me skinny jeans and a loose top since it gets hot in the kitchen. Eric can usually be found in jeans and polo.

Her must-have entertaining tool:

In our small space we are always transforming it to look a little more elegant with fresh flowers, wine and votives. But you really can’t beat the great friends you invite.

Always in her refrigerator:

Cowgirl Creamery ricotta, Greek yogurt, wine, and fresh pasta.

The kitchen rule they rarely break:

Always buy fresh ingredients – it really makes a meal. I try to go to the farmers market at least once a week.

The restaurant meal they’ll never forget:

We’re got a few favorites – living in a city like San Francisco does that to you. Gary Danko for their cheese cart, Locanda for their fava bean pasta dish that our friend made special for us when he was the pasta chef there and then the Brussels sprout chips at Marlowe (they are addicting and we’re always craving them).

Their signature entertaining dish:

A killer cheese plate. Who doesn’t love cheese? Plus it keeps guests from getting hungry while I’m prepping the rest of dinner. Then for dessert Eric always serves homemade ice cream – this time strawberry.

Their dream dinner guests:

Caitlin – My Grandpa who passed away. He would be so proud of Eric’s career – he was the biggest Giants fan I ever knew (besides Eric of course).

Eric – Peter Gammons, Jackie Robinson and my Grandma!

The taste she’s always craving:

Something sweet. Even after a nice meal I always need some chocolate or dessert to finish off the night.

The perfect dinner party playlist includes:

Eric is the DJ in the family. Right now we’re into Mumford and Sons! Their Pandora station is amazing for hosting dinner parties. The music doesn’t overwhelm the room, but also isn’t dull enough to put people to sleep.

Caitlin’s entertaining style in 5 words or less:

Casual, effortless, and with a touch of sophistication.

photos by Edyta Szyszlo Photorgaphy

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