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By Camille Styles
Entertaining With House of Brinson | Camille Styles

I first met William and Susan Brinson last year when I was in NYC with Caitlin and Erin, and they hosted a little cocktail party for us at their loft in Manhattan. I remember thinking when I walked in that I hadn’t ever seen a home quite like it – a live/work space that’s a total study in contrasts with dark walls amidst light and airy spaces; rustic shelving next to modern classics. As she gave us the tour, Susan pointed out countless projects that they’d DIY’d together, giving the entire loft a completely original feel. I’ve gotten to know William and Susan better over the last year and am continually wow’d by their talent – both grads of Savannah College of Art & Design, William is a commercial photographer who shoots for the likes of Architectural Digest, House Beautiful and Martha Stewart Living (as well as the photos in this gallery), and Susan is an art director and all-around creative genius who continually blows me away with her styling prowess on their shared blog House of Brinson. Bet you’re dying to know how this couple entertains in their off-hours, aren’t you? You’re in luck! Click through for scenes from a recent dinner party, a few of their secrets to entertaining success and some recipes I’m dying to make (including a yogurt and beets appetizer inspired by my fave at ABC Kitchen.)

My must-have entertaining tool:

S: beautiful dishes
W: a sharp kitchen knife

The kitchen rule I rarely break:
S: I always clean as I go.
W: I let Susan clean as I go.

My signature entertaining dish:
S: I have a chocolate cake I always make.
W: This changes by season, but right now a roast chicken. So easy to present whole and carve at the table.

The taste I’m always craving:
S: Sweet!
W: Savory

The perfect dinner party playlist includes:
S: Kanye West
W: Rolling stones, Jay-Z, and Latin Jazz

Always in my refrigerator:
S: Yogurt
W: Seltzer

My dream dinner guests:
S: Martha Stewart
W: Mick Jagger

The restaurant meal I’ll never forget:
S: I love Jack’s Luxury Oyster Bar in the village. They have such an inspiring, unique approach to food.
W: The pasta tasting menu in Babbo (New York City) Pumpkin foie gras soup at L’Absinthe (Paris, France)

This light appetizer is perfect for a fall morning. It has the lightness of the yogurt and the seasonal beets. The recipe is inspired by one of our favorite New York City restaurants, ABC Kitchen. 
* Click here to get the recipe for William and Susan’s Yogurt and Beets

My standard host / hostess outfit:
S: Jeans and a nice shirt. I am not a dressed up kinda gal.
W: Jeans and a shirt so I can rollup my sleeves

The yogurt and beets dish was obviously a hit.

This recipe is simple enough for a large crowd. You can customize it with your favorite tomato sauce or make your own in advance. We love the individual dishes that make a simple dish a little fancy. These dishes are also wonderful for mac and cheese and pot pie. 
Click here to get the recipe for William and Susan’s Baked Eggs

Affogato (espresso poured over ice cream or gelato) makes a perfect, no-fuss ending to a dinner party.

Our entertaining style in 5 words or less:

Casually warm, stylish, interesting and engaging
*all images by William Brinson