I’ve been looking forward to the holidays for a while now so I could take my mantle back. All year long there sits a giant television, so this is my time to have fun with the space. I’ve been wanting to place this wonderful portrait from Scott’s Antiques  on the mantle, and surround it with some of my most special items: Catholic saints and candles, small urns, an heirloom silver candelabra, a Katherine Sandoz painting and some little gold animal figurines. Once I set the painting in place, I knew exactly what she needed to complete the look: a full, fresh bay laurel garland finished with gold ferns.

  • 24 gage straight wire
  • bay laurel
  • plastic fern
  • gold metallic spray paint
  • clippers

Start with the bay laurel and tear it apart into pieces. Layer pieces on top of each other and wrap wire around the stems to make it into a long garland (mine is 5’ long).

Next, spray both sides of the fern metallic gold. I bought plastic fern from Michael’s — it comes in a bunch that can easily be torn apart.

Tuck the painted fern pieces into the wire that is already around the garland to make your mantle feel even more whimsical.

*photographs by Carli Kiene

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