Hello again readers, it’s me Ana, Back with this month’s totally terrifying Iconic Hostess, just in time to scare the pants off of you for one of my favorite days of the year: Halloween! When trying to think up the scariest hostess of them all for this month’s post, it didn’t take me long to land on Nina Sayers from Black Swan. As soon as I put her creepy picture into the collage I got scared. Those beady red eyes! That creepy white make up! Here’s everything you need to throw this year’s creepiest party a la Miss Portman’s unforgettable dancer.

(Side note: I’ve decided to be one of the Iconic Hostesses for Halloween this year! Can you guess which one?)

The Drink: Love the idea of these blood orange cocktail shots to greet guests at the door. And then maybe a dark punch like this sparkling pomegranate to put guests in a darker mood.

The Food: Classic snacks like toasted pumpkin seeds and caramel dipped apples are always a welcomed site for hungry guests. And for me, nothing says fall like these delicious pumpkin cupcakes—my absolute favorite! Not exactly scary, but scary good.

The Entertainment: Obviously you will need to dress up as Nina Sayers. How about playing Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake in the background in a low lit room full of lit candles with lots of ballerina music boxes open and lying around? Ew, I just freaked myself out. Maybe just ask everyone to wear their costumes and get a keg instead…?

*images: Swans 1. Leotard 2. Ballet slippers 3. Black wings 4. Mirror 5. Nail polish 6. Music box 7. Paperweight 8. Downers 9. Swan Lake 10. Perfume

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