For me, one of the most precious sounds is hearing my little people hone in on what they’re thankful for — really digging deep into that place where they realize that they have lots to be grateful for, even in their most “dire” of circumstances (like, not getting to have three cookies after dinner, or ride their bikes in the street after dark). Hooray for thankful hearts, and this month that encourages everyone to sit and be content and tall chested about what they currently have, without wanting more. This year, I wanted to go beyond just talking through our thankfulness, and include the kids in preparing the actual feast…

They’ll be helping set the table (using a guide like this) and helping with some of the prep in the kitchen… and I’ll be creating a Thanksgiving place card that I hope will become a lasting memory for them.

How I’m doing it this year? By cutting their artwork (watercolor paintings are perfect because of their transparency!) into place cards, and hand writing their names and what I’m most thankful for about them.

I’ll then glue the cards onto half of a popsicle stick, and glue the whole thing to a mini pumpkin (the stem of a pear or any other fall fruit would work great as well!)

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Carrie Ryan