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A Blue Valentine Party with Ara Collective

February 11th, 2016

When a friend tipped us off on Sarah Contrucci Smith’s online textile shop, Ara Collective, we couldn’t get over the gorgeous indigo and white pillows, rugs, and bags. And the blue icing on the cake? Sarah’s company is socially responsible, and by that we mean they pay their artisans above fair trade wages to produce beautiful textiles from locally sourced materials. Sarah’s group of female friends in Austin are an impressive set: one works for global orphan care, another runs a knitware fashion line produced in Kenya, and there’s even a children’s psychotherapist in the group. So when Sarah invited us over for a Blue Valentine Party with all her favorite gals, we RSVPed right away. It was a gorgeous and cold night in South Austin when we joined Sarah for an indigo inspired Valentine’s dinner that ended with drinks on the roof and one amazing sunset…

photographed by kate zimmerman

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  1. Hey !, Pic of create and cultivate on todays post giving props to your blog .check it out You look great I look old and goofy, but keeping it real.

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